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The PCR is still under heavy development
and is subject to change without notice.

Library to easily read single chars and key strokes. Born as a python-inquirer requirement, The idea is to have a portable way to read single characters and key-strokes.
Library to easily read single chars and key strokes. Born as a Inquirer.js clone, it shares part of the goals and philosophy.
So, Inquirer should ease the process of asking end user questions, parsing, validating answers, managing hierarchical prompts and providing error feedback.
allpython3-blessings, python3-editor, python3-readchar, python3:any2.6.3-1
Paste to the Pop!_Planet pastebin This program pastes to the Pop!_Planet pastebin service.
You can paste from stdin, or from an argument on the command line. pop-paste is currently a very simple program, but functionality is expected to improve with time.
Simple cleanup tool for leftover dpkg configs. Even with 'apt purge', dependent packages aren't fully purged most of the time and can leave behind unnecessary config files. This script is a python wrapper for 'python-apt' that polls for orphaned configs and presents you with a simple menu allowing you to remove (or keep) them at leisure.
allpython3:any, python3-inquirer2.0.0-1


# Add the repository key
wget -qO - https://apt.pop-planet.info/key.asc | sudo apt-key add -
# Add the repository
sudo apt-add-repository https://apt.pop-planet.info
# Update package lists
sudo apt update